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Overmolded Cable Assemblies

When Safety, Durability, and Reliability are a Must

Overmolded Cable Solutions

Overmolded cable assemblies represent a significant advancement in cable technology that offers enhanced durability and reliability compared to traditional copper cables. These specialized cable assemblies are created by encasing the cable’s connectors and junctions in a protective layer of thermoplastic or thermosetting material, often referred to as the “overmold.” This overmold not only shields the cable’s vulnerable components from physical damage, moisture, and other environmental factors but also provides a secure and seamless transition from cable to connector. The process of creating overmolded cable assemblies typically involves injection molding, where the molten material is injected around the cable and connector to create a strong, uniform bond.

The primary advantages of overmolded cable assemblies lie in their robustness and resistance to wear and tear. Unlike standard copper cables, which may be susceptible to damage at connection points, overmolded cables offer a more resilient solution. They excel in applications where the cable needs to endure rugged environments, such as industrial machinery, automotive wiring harnesses, or even consumer electronics. Moreover, the overmolded casing acts as a strain relief, preventing excessive bending or pulling on the cable, which can lead to connector failures and signal degradation. For these reasons, many industries and manufacturers prefer overmolded cable assemblies for their increased reliability, longevity, and adaptability to harsh operating conditions.

Benefits of Overmolded Cables

Higher Safety Rating

Overmolded cables are protected from moisture, chemicals, dust, and physical impact, which in turn prevent damage to the inner conductors and insulation, reducing the risk of electrical faults and short circuits.

Cost Effective

Because overmolded cables are far more durable than their counterparts, you would not need to replace cables nearly as often, allowing you to save money in the long run.

Weather Resistant

Our cables are built to withstand the elements; from the toughest Candian winters, to the brutal Texas summers. They're also resistant to water, dust, and other unfortunate weather phenomenons.

Some Of Our Products Include:

We Also Make Multiblocks

Multiblocks are versatile components composed of interconnected blocks, meticulously designed to perform specific functions within a variety of applications. These modular structures are widely used across industries such as manufacturing, automation, and robotics, offering a flexible solution to diverse engineering challenges.

Our production process at 3-Ci Manufacturing is characterized by precision and customization. We employ cutting-edge technology and a skilled workforce to ensure that each multiblock aligns perfectly with our clients’ specifications. These custom multiblocks find application in assembly lines, machinery, and automated systems, enhancing efficiency and adaptability. The benefits of our multiblocks include improved scalability, simplified maintenance, and reduced downtime. By choosing 3-Ci Manufacturing, our clients not only receive high-quality, tailor-made multiblocks but also gain a competitive edge in their respective industries through enhanced performance and reliability.